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Keeping Respect In Your Marriage

Importance of Respect in Marriage and Signs That Confirm Mutual Respect

Love has no definition, as it is often regarded as a feeling. The feeling comes to your mind when you like and respect someone. Where there is love, there must be respect.

When you get married to someone, taking care of the person comes inherently. Respect for the person also comes inherently, but sometimes we make mistakes.

A few gestures towards the partner may appear to be disrespectful. In many cases, anger leads to disrespectful behavior towards the partner. When your partner feels a lack of respect in your mind for them, your relationship starts getting fragmented.

Why Is Respect Important in a Relationship?

Respect holds a great value in a marriage. It works as an agent that keeps a relationship between a couple healthy. Prevailing mutual respect between married couples can make the relationship beautiful forever.

Reasons why respect is important in a relationship have been discussed below.

Respect Enhances Tolerance towards Bad Habits of Your Partner

When you marry someone, you need to accept both the good and bad habits of the person. A person may have many good habits. As a partner, you need to appreciate those good habits of your spouse. At the same time, your spouse may have many bad habits. You may not have inherent tolerance towards those bad habits.

Hence, it is usual for you to get annoyed with those bad habits of your partner. If there is respect in your marriage, your tolerance will gradually increase for your partner’s bad habits. The same thing you can notice from the side of your partner too. He or she shall get gradually accustomed to your bad habits.

Respect Teaches You the Value of Patience

Patience is a virtue, and nobody is born with this virtue. Through various ups and downs of our life, we need to acquire patience.

The person who holds supreme patience can manage to overcome the most difficult chapters of life. Like a person’s life, marriage also has so many twists and turns. It goes through a lot of happy moments. At times, there could be some ugly fights among the partners.

In difficult times, you need to keep your patience. You need to give your partner time to get out of the trauma of an ugly fight with you. You may forget things faster, but your partner may not. Hence, you need to keep patience. The patience comes with respect.

Respect Prevents the Gravest Damages to a Relationship

When there is respect in a marriage, couples do not commit the things that can break the relationship apart. After undergoing a fight due to differences in opinion, couples often tend to take extreme steps. Anger is self-destructive.

Due to anger, people commit many mistakes that they repent later. Once you commit a mistake to hurt the relationship, you may not repair the damage ever. When you respect differences in opinions of your partner, such things do not happen. Respect prevents you from taking a step that could prove to be destructive for your relationship.

Respect Brings Trust

Many couples find trust issues among them. Despite being married for more than five years, they cannot trust each other. It happens when there is a lack of respect.

You need to respect your partner. When you give respect to your spouse, he or she will become loyal to you. There would not be any trust issues between you. As a result, conjugal life will be happy and full of harmony.

Respect Keeps Love and Compassion Intact

Love and compassion are the two most important things in a relationship between two married persons. Love comes naturally, but it becomes even more deep and passionate when there is prevailing respect between you and your spouse.

A similar thing happens for compassion. Your spouse will show his or her care for you when you have respect for her opinions, habits, self-respect, etc.

Signs That Tell That Your Partner Respects You

There are a few signs that confirm that your partner respects you. Some of those signs are discussed in the following section.

No Obsession with “Winning”

At times, there could be many heated debates between married couples. There could be differences in opinions in many cases on different issues. The notable thing is that your partner, who, although does not agree with you, would not be desperate for “winning”.

There could be disagreement. There could be sad feelings. There could also be anger. But, there should not be an intention to impose an opinion on you. It shows that your partner respects your opinions.

Curious About Each Other

In a conjugal relationship, respect can be found between the two people when there is curiosity about each other. The curiosity should be separated from skepticism.

Asking a partner where she is going or whom she is meeting could be a sign of skepticism. But, curiosity is not skepticism. For example, your partner may ask you how you are feeling today. He or she may ask about your health, work, etc. such curiosity comes from respect and care.

Your Partner Gives You Space

After getting married, many people complain that they do not have any space left in their lives. They cannot meet old friends like before. They cannot go partying with colleagues like before getting married.

Ideally, your partner should give you space. He or she would not try to change your lifestyle and relationships with your friends. Having enough space in life is a sign that your spouse respects your relationship with friends and colleagues.

Talking to Each Other At Difficult Phases

Your partner may undergo a difficult time in his or her professional life. When she or he approaches you to talk about the difficulties, it shows that your opinion matters for him or her. This is a sign of respect. It shows that your partner has immense faith in your advice or suggestions.

No Hesitation in Saying “Sorry”

If your partner does not hesitate to apologize to you for his or her mistakes, it can be regarded as a sign of respect. Sometimes, couples indulge in ugly fights.

Anger drives a person to commit some mistakes. If your partner recognizes his or her mistake and says “sorry” to you, it indicates that he or she respects you. Apologizing for a mistake is not a simple thing.

Many times, your ego would not let you apologize. Ignoring the ego and apologizing to a partner can only happen when there are love and respect between married couples.

How to Earn Respect from Your Partner?

Respect is important for a marriage. A couple can enjoy a healthy relationship when they respect each other. However, respect for a person does not come without any reason. You need to be a role model for your partner. So, here are a few ways of earning respect from your spouse after marriage.

Never Demand Respect

The thumb rule of being respected is not demanding respect. You cannot force a person to respect you. Imposing your ideas on a person will not fetch respect. It would rather lead to disrespect for you. Stay loyal and affectionate to your partner in good and bad times. In exchange, you shall earn respect automatically from him or her.

Respect Partner’s Opinion 

Even though you disagree on something with your partner, you should respect the opinion of your partner. Just because she is your wife, she does not have to agree with you in every matter. Just because he is your husband, he does not suppose to support you on everything. There could be differences in ideas and opinions.

Having differences is not unhealthy for a relationship. It becomes a problem for a relationship when the ego becomes more important than opinion. When you do not agree with your partner on a certain thing, you should end the debate with a courteous disagreement note.

Keep Your Promises

You lose respect when you commit something that you cannot deliver. For example, do not promise a weekend trip if you have many works to do. You can plan the trip later.

Not keeping the promises leaves a bad impression in the mind of your partner. He or she starts thinking that you do not prioritize him or her. So, you need to make promises to your partner carefully. Once you promise something, you must keep it.

Share Household Tasks

Homemaking should not be the responsibility of one person. Every married couple should share their household tasks. Sharing the tasks reduces the workload on a person. Nevertheless, it is a great way of earning respect from your partner.

Make an effort for them

You can try to be a little innovative to entertain your spouse. Little efforts to be innovative will fetch a lot of happiness for both of you. Your creative efforts to entertain your spouse shows that you value the relationship. It will earn respect from your partner.

There is no magic formula to make your married life happy. You need to understand your partner. You need to respect your spouse for her choices and opinions. Respect is the major driving factor in a long-lasting and smooth relationship for married couples.